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Nicaragua 2017 - Overview

Nicaragua - July 15 - 23 2017

ARTS was excited by its first volunteer trip to the towns along the gorgeous southwest coast of Nicaragua. Despite budding tourism in the region thanks to world-class surf and pristine beaches, the majority of the local population remains poor and in dire need of dental care and education. While good, free, drinking water is scarce, Coca Cola and other sugar-ridden sodas are household staples, leading to smiles sprinkled with cavities. We were happy to partner with the enthusiastic Roberto Clemente Clinic team, our local connection to both coastal and mountainous communities, to provide much-needed dental services to Nicaraguans with little access to a dentist. This trip was a sweaty, joyful, and unique blend of hard work, cultural immersion, and surf/yoga fun.

  • Saturday, July 15 -
    Arrive in Managua

  • Sunday, July 16 -
    Dental Clinic - Tola, Rivas

  • Monday, July 17 -
    Dental Clinic - Tola, Rivas

  • Tuesday, July 18 -
    Dental Clinic - Tola, Rivas

  • Wednesday, July 19 -
    Cultural Day

  • Thursday, July 20 -
    Dental Clinic - Tola, Rivas

  • Friday, July 21 -
    Dental Clinic - Roberto Clemente Clinic, Tola-Salinas, Rivas

  • Saturday, July 22 -
    Rest and Relaxation

  • Sunday, July 23 -
    Depart from Managua

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