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  • Who Can Volunteer?
    While volunteers can have any professional or educational background, each team has individuals highly skilled in dentistry, hygiene, assisting, education, and humanitarian aid work.
  • How Many People Volunteer on One Trip?
    Typically, our trips to Senegal host 6 volunteers, and our trips to Uganda host 8-10 volunteers.
  • Is there a Volunteer Fee?
    Yes, there is a $600 fee for Senegal and a $700 fee for Uganda. This fee covers all food, lodging, and travel within the country. Volunteers are responsible for purchasing their own flights.
  • What Should Volunteers Expect?
    ARTS volunteers create a family dynamic within the dental team, which fosters an upbeat, can-do team attitude on each trip as everyone works tirelessly to achieve the program’s mission. Each member works 12-hour days to accomplish as many effective interventions as possible. Trips are typically 10 days and consist of 5-6 clinic days with 2 days for travel and 1 day for cultural exploration.
  • What are Accommodations Like?
    Accommodations vary in type but not in safety. Some are shared rooms (with one or two other volunteers) and some are individual, some have shared bathrooms and some are ensuite, some have AC while others do not. All accommodations are secure.
  • Can Vegan or Vegetarian Diets be accommodated on ARTS Trips?
    All food is provided on the trips by local families and restaurants. Vegan and vegetarian diets can be managed but cannot be guaranteed as many locals cook rice and vegetables in the same oil and kitchenware as meat. We recommend bringing supplementary items such as protein bars. Feel free to reach out for more information!
  • Can Dental Students Volunteer?
    Absolutely! Dental students are welcome to support and observe dentists in treating patients in addition to helping with the education workshops.
  • Do Volunteers Have to be U.S. Citizens?
    No! Our volunteers are international and come from all over the globe. While we like to meet volunteers in DC or New York and fly together, we can meet in the country if that poses a major inconvenience whether you’re flying from within the US or abroad.

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