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Anonymous Volunteer

“Traveling to Uganda with the ARTS crew was a LIFE CHANGING experience for me. We throw around 'access to care' here in our country, but this mission trip really brought it to light for me. It was amazing being a part of a team which brought dental care and education to such an underserved community. The work ARTS does is invaluable! #TeamARTS” 

Anonymous Volunteer 

"Being able to volunteer in Senegal with ARTS was a great experience. The people were so happy to be able to get the pain in their mouths taken care of. It amazed me that some even traveled hours just to be seen by us. This trip is something I will remember forever! :)"

Anonymous Volunteer

"Love the people! Love the volunteers! Love what we do as volunteers for the people!"

David Banys

Uganda 2017

"Teaching basic dental hygiene, especially to kids... it's just an undisputed positive in the world when a young person learns to brush his/her teeth and can avoid health complications down the road. Plus ARTS patients were really wonderful people with big hearts eager to learn."

Matt Hladiuk:

Senegal 2015, 2017, 2018 & Uganda 2015

“ARTS gave me numerous joyous memories. One that resonates with me is on our inaugural trip, a woman who was in desperate need of her pain alleviated waited in line all day at her village site and was unable to be seen unbeknownst to us. However, the next day, she was in such pain she traveled hours to our next village site to see one of the ARTS dentists. To me this really spoke to the ARTS' mission; to educate and give people access to dental health who do not have it.”

Madison Ambrose:

Uganda 2016 & Nicaragua 2017

"ARTS really bought me out of my comfort zone from my first trip to Uganda and got me instantly hooked. Because of ARTS I have friends for LIFE! I encourage everyone to volunteer with ARTS because it is life changing!

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