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Past Projects

Wakiso District, Uganda
In November 2015, A Reason To Smile set out with an amazing team of 4 dentists and 7 assistants to Uganda. ARTS partnered with local Ugandan organization TASAAGA and the fabulous Bruhan Mubiru to coordinate visits to six villages in the region just north of the capital, Kampala. In addition to seeing hundreds of patients, what made this trip truly special was the opportunity to teach in several schools, helping hundreds of children understand the importance and techniques of oral hygiene.

Podor, Senegal            
A Reason To Smile returned to Northeast Senegal with two dentists and four assistants, eager for the opportunity to treat patients in some of the same villages as the year before. The Peace Corps Volunteers did an amazing job coordinating not only our clinics, but also a cultural day for the ARTS Volunteers to do a homestay and learn about everyday Senegalese life! Though we saw 360 patients, the most amazing people we saw were those who came just to visit, thank us for helping them last year, and report back that they'd had no more pain. We hope to continue this trend in the years to come!    A Reason To Smile's inaugural trip to the rural villages of Northeast Senegal was a huge success! Over the course of seven days, two dentists and four assistants traveled to six villages, saw over 700 patients, and pulled close to 2,000 teeth. Thanks to the invaluable help from the Peace Corps Volunteers, the ARTS Volunteers, and our supportive family, friends, and donors, we were able to realize a longtime dream and bring dental care and education to people in dire need.

Ssese Islands, Uganda December 8 - 18 2016  
Podor, Senegal April 9-20 2017   

Sesse Islands and surrounding areas of Kampala, Uganda 2017 
Podor, Senegal 2018
Jinja and Sesse Islands Uganda 2018      

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